Energy Choice is Happening!

The future of electric power in Coastal North County San Diego

Cities across California are creating a choice for electricity customers-it's called Community Choice Energy (CCE)-and it delivers local control, local benefits, and more clean energy at competitive rates. The north coastal cities of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, and Del Mar are jointly exploring the formation of a CCE electricity provider that would serve all the residents, schools, and businesses in those cities. These cities have commissioned a technical feasibility study that is currently under review. Solana Beach started its own CCE in June, 2018, while remaining open to the possibility of joining the other cities. The City of San Diego has committed to going forward with their CCE and have explicitly stated that other cities may join them. So Community Choice Energy is rapidly gaining momentum in San Diego County.

A Timeline graph that shows where we are in the CCE formation process may be found on our Timeline page.

Frequently asked questions and their answers can be found on our Q & A page. For questions you still have, you can submit them here.

Resources for detailed information on how a CCE works, and links to operating California CCEs may be found on our Resources page.

Now that you know what your city is doing about forming a CCE, would you like to add your voice to the effort? If so, please express your support for Community Choice by signing our Letter of Support. If you want to be more proactive in bringing Community Choice to your city, please go to our Contact page, where you can volunteer for the Support Team in your city, or join our emailing list to be notified when CCE-related issues are coming up before your city council or city commissions.

We believe that forming a CCE here is in our best interests, that a local CCE will introduce competition into the market for the electricity we use, and be the best vehicle for us to equitably reach our goal of 100% clean energy. The process of forming a CCE is well-established, but each step must be done properly. A public that is well-informed about how a CCE works and how the project is progressing helps to ensure the best result. To that end, we offer this website as a source of information specific to the CCE effort in coastal north county and hope that you are inspired to help us succeed by playing a part.