Our Power, Our Choice

The future of electric power in Coastal North County San Diego

Our Mission

We engage the residents of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach, and Del Mar to support the local effort for a not-for-profit electricity provider ("Community Choice Energy") as an alternative to SDG&E and the clearest path to 100% clean energy

What's Happening?

Cities across California are creating a choice for electricity customers that delivers local control, local benefits, and more clean energy at competitive rates. San Diego coastal north county cities have banded together to do the same. (Read more...)

Community Choice Energy in a Nutshell

Recent Posts

SDG&E counter proposal to public-energy alternative still incomplete as elected officials call for vote

City officials said that they are continuing to work with San Diego Gas & Electric to overhaul the utility’s proposal for getting San Diego to 100 percent renewable energy by 2035, but SDG&E’s pace frustrated some elected officials who are anxious to vote on whether to adopt the utility’s blueprint or embrace Community Choice Energy. (Read more...)

More EV charging stations come to Carlsbad

As electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids become more popular, cities continue to invest in infrastructure, notably charging stations. Two weeks ago, the city of Carlsbad added three locations for EV drivers to charge their batteries. (Read more...)

The Government vs. Business Myth

A common argument you may hear about why we shouldn’t have Community Choice Energy is that “government” is inefficient compared to “business” in delivering something we need. This argument is a myth, and here is why: (Read more...)

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